The ACA meets COVID-19: Now What?

The COVID-19 crisis further complicates the ACA issues. A vaccine is likely not going to be available for the next year or so, meaning it will be available only after the Supreme Court will make its decision. Experts suspect that overturning the ACA will cost many Americans their insurance benefits, which limits their access to vaccines (when available), leaving Americans vulnerable to the continued spread of the virus.


Misadventures in Health Reporting: Coronavirus 2020

The SAR-CoV-2 virus, also known as the Coronavirus (COVID-19), has elicited the concern and attention of public health authorities, the healthcare community, and the public-at-large.


Free Flu Shots Cost More than Expected

While the cost of a yearly flu shot appears low, the millions of Americans who are vaccinated in the US do not realize that the costs of providing such services are recouped in the high insurance premiums consumers pay each month. 

Info on Coronavirus 2020

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

World Health Organization (WHO)

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

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