35 and counting!!!

Hmm...what can I say about the last 35 years of my life? I’ve been happy, been sad, been accomplished, and experienced failure. Haven‘t we all? But I’m here and counting (upward)....I’m shedding my old skin because I am a new creature, and am so by the name of the Almighty! When I look back on my life, I‘m grateful and patient. This is an important age for me. I am moving toward my destiny and it feels good. I listened to a sermon today and it says life is like an elevator and sometimes people get off on “their floor”. I laughed because I no longer have to wonder what happened to my youth and the things of the past. We are on a journey upward and sometimes the people, persons and things of the past have to be left behind so that we can be moved to a place of growth!

I am thankful for where I came from, but am blessed where I’m going!!!!


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