Being Transparent means...

Most of us think we understand what this word means. There are several definitions, but I think the best suited is: "open, frank, or candid". Truth moment: Obviously, we want to be open and honest (with those deserving); but that's not what I mean. Being transparent alternatively means being straightforward. When you interview or discuss your career goals with others how straightforward are you? Are you trying to impress an employer or appear well-rounded to a friend? Are you unsure about how to be transparent? I ask these questions because I have found being straightforward in how I discuss my career goals has been helpful in taking steps towards them. Even now as I approach my own graduation (a year and some change) I realize I can be transparent about what I want to do and I don't need to impress or be validated. As long as I am open, honest, and straightforward with myself I can make it to that end point. Just