Calm when feeling confused....

A lot of people are feeling anxious and confused since the COVID-19 made its appearance in China and now here in the US. Most anxiety and confusion stems from conflicting news and media stories, uncertainty from elected officials, and a tad bit of hysteria from word of mouth. The President recently released a statement that stressed "social distancing" for the next few weeks to reduce the spread of the virus. This in turn will reduce the burden on the healthcare system and many local economies who will feel the financial effects of the pandemic.

In terms of social distancing we are expected to limit our gatherings and limit the time we spend out and about. While practical to combat the spread of disease, what measures are we taking to combat the spread of misinformation and hysteria? While I don't mind the money-saving opportunity and relaxation of working from home, there is plenty time for us to let our mind wonder. A wondering mind still lends itself to the word of mouth confusion and anxiety that social distancing cannot cure.

Personally, I have reduced my time looking at the news and social media specifically if they are discussing COVID-19. This is another way that I am participating in social distancing. I choose to focus on being prepared and stay busy in the meantime

. As a Health Professional, I know where to get my factual information and how to discern from reports with anecdotal viewpoints. Moreover, considering how fast news and data changes I choose to delay gratification for more official reports. Be Blessed!


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