Excuses, Excuses....

Here is a quote that some of us are familiar with: “Excuses are tools of incompetence used to build bridges to nowhere and monuments of nothingness, and those who use them seldom specialize in anything else.” Hmmm....Makes sense, but lets get a little deep. It doesn't say that you never will have an excuse; or that an absence or circumstance doesn't warrant an excuse. Its the 'tools' and 'use' are two words that trigger my reasoning in thinking about this quote. Tools are things we use to get things done or in some cases to "fix" things. The word 'use' is self-explanatory, but in the context of this quote it means by default or as a habit. Just to come full circle, the 'incompetence' means unable to do something successfully. And just for flavor the word 'specialize' means to get better. So bear with me while I do some rephrasing: Excuses are things we use to fix things we can't do successfully which build bridges to nowhere, monuments of nothingness, and those who use them by default seldom get better at anything else.

Now I'll admit that that was ranty but I write all this to say: I am by no means perfect and I have used excuses in my life. What is different from then and now is that I acknowledge their role is some of the delays and roadblocks I have experienced. As I move toward my destiny I realize that some persons, places, and things have to be purged from my life. Excuses are one of those "things" that I must let go of to move forward.



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