Fear happens in stages....

When we are children we fear the dark, thunder, a scold from our parents. As teens, and for some into their early childhood we fear public ridicule, random awkward moments, and being on the wrong side of a joke. Even as young adults we fear growing up: adulting is a big deal and it was looming. But now after you reach the age of 30 and hopefully you have some life direction (even if you don't) you still have fears. Now lets think about it. Most of us fear the same thing: failure; coming in last, hitting rock bottom. Valid fears. But how do we get from the point of fearing childish, frivolous things to making fear such an important emotion in our adulthood? Personally, I think we are conditioned to live how we feel. If I feel afraid, then fear is important and now I operate in accordance with that fear. Fear is healthy in relation to self-preservation, but if you have been reading this blog we are talking making this a "year of yes". This picture best immolates what our choice is with regard to fear. Which seems more realistic? Can we really drop everything, run away from it all? I know sometimes I think that is the answer, but its not a very efficient or productive way to deal with life's obstacles. Notice that the second choice make us do something scary and there is a positive outcome. Awww certainty, something running can't afford you. What I'm saying is basic: face it, feel it, and sometimes say "yes" to a positive outcome.