Play the part

Now before I begin, I want to debunk the phrase "fake it till you make it". I hate that phrase. Its a phrases of no purpose with no realistic endpoint. Being yourself is the best thing to be and most times the people you faking for either don't notice or will never respect you no matter what you have or have not. The more time you spend faking it, the less time you spend actually making something....Think about that as you scroll through timelines, send out tweets, and snap pics......

OK, where was I...Oh yes playing the part. Again, I am a third year law student and there is much anxiety when you consider where you fit in the legal world. Whether traditional or not most law students spend a good chunk of their education trying to figure what they like and how to make money in that area of law. As a health professional for fifteen years, I was concerned that I would not escape that title, and I don't want to "do" health law as a career (most people make that assumption based on my background). So for the last three years I have been looking for ways to present myself without the moniker of health professional. That changed the other day. I had an interview with a great firm in DC and I was not worried but wanted to impress upon them that I was more than "health". When I went into the office and spoke with the Partner, his first statement to me was: "your background is impressive, and you should consider yourself to be in demand in the legal field". I did well holding back the "huh" look, and the interview continued and ended well. I was pleasantly surprised by his compliments and to learn that many practices (including his) are looking for lawyers with a health background to create new intersections in the legal field. Thank you Lord for your grace to show me what I can't see, lol!

Long story short, I was encouraged to believe in what came before and to play that part as an asset for the future. This has really sparked thoughts on other avenues to create money for my business. Can you say "Consultant"!!!!!



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