The effect of being SILOED

First things first, lets discuss the meaning of "siloed". Websters defines siloed as a system or process of isolating from others. I am sure everyone was aware of that definition, we're all intelligent here. But I am directing your focus on the words 'system' and 'process'. Essentially these words mean the same thing, but it is interesting to consider at one point our minds, persons, and energies were not isolated. How the hell did we get isolated? I know you have heard people say "get out of your silo", and my rebuttal is "how did I get here?". I used to be young, fun, and fearless and that was anywhere and everywhere. In undergrad you say I am never gonna get old and I am a superhero in my own right! In grad school its I have responsibilities, but I'm still here; clark-kenting a little more but I have time for fun and excitement. Its just time to make some hedgeway in my career.

Then adulting really hits you! You get married, have kids, and suddenly you're sliding you wonder woman suit away to pick up a designer three piece suit. Where did the time go, how did I get siloed? Again, I am speaking about me in retrospect. Now, as I move into a new career and want to have my own business I am feeling the effects of being siloed.

Networking is harder and even mustering up the courage to get out there and network is harder. I think being siloed is synonymous with being comfortable. When your comfortable you cut off most persons, place, or things that make you uncomfortable. You develop a routine around being comfortable and the outside world becomes strange and hard to understand. I say all this to say: GET OUT OF YOUR SILO!!!!! BE YOU IN A DIFFERENT WAY. TRADE COMFORT FOR COURAGE AND DO SOMETHING.