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Small Business Development
NSOFT wants to help other small businesses prepare their first responsive proposal in response to opportunities listed in the federal marketplace. 
Entering the federal marketplace is time-consuming and requires diligence on the part of the company; especially small businesses. For new small businesses, the plethora of information and events to learn from and participate in which appears to be difficult to navigate. 
NSOFT wants to help navigate these issues. There are three areas of the federal procurement space that our services can assist your small business explore:
  1. Understanding the Bid/Proposal Cycle:
  • Common government contract language and terms 
  • Navigating specific federal procurement sites.
  • Notice and Comment
     2.  Lead Development: 
  • Capabilities Statement
  • Business Networking
  • Market Research (aka 'Sources Sought' or 'RFI')
   3. Bid Management:
  • Examining requirements (Bid/No Bid process) 
  • Streamlining in-house processes
  • Bid/proposal management
Are you a small business that has the staff, but needs training? NSOFT provides in an online and written format that is tailored to your company or organization's needs. Our goal is to turn Competency into Competitiveness!!! 
What NSOFT offers:
  1. Trust: NSOFT earns your trust through reliable and prudent work.
  2. Quality: Our process ensures quality communication and quality delivery.
  3. Service: Our efforts are customer-oriented and tailored to your needs.